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Buckets & Grapples

Enhance the versatility and performance of your skid steer. We offer a variety of convenient skid steer attachments that enable you to handle an even wider range of jobs easier and faster.

Stump, Rock and Trenching Bucket

Great for trenching in wires and water lines.

Excellent for digging out rocks and stumps.
Narrow bucket design allows for only digging the dirt you need moved.

Straight on faceplate design reduces stress on machine, and makes for extremely strong unit that can survive lots of abuse.

42" length allows for digging to around 36" deep on most machines.

Available in any width from

9" to 46"

 8" to 15" wide 
16" to 24" wide
25" to 46" wide
Teeth available


Stump Grapples

Easily digs around stumps to remove them.  Handles brush, logs, debris,
and other material.  

42" bucket length 

40" opening w 5/8" tongs,
2"x 10" cylinder and large tooth pinion.  560 lbs.

Stump Grapple.jpg
Extreme Root Rake.png

Extreme Root Rakes

Removes roots and other debris from beneath the soil.   40" opening,  34
3/8" to top of cylinder, 32" to end of teeth with 11 1/2" spacing, 3/8"
steel  and 2"x10" cylinders.  Weight 785-925 lbs. Available in 66", 74"

John Deere Root Grapples

Removes roots and other debris beneath soil.  Fits 400 and 500 loader

35" deep and 26" tall.  40" opening with 1/2" sides, 1/2" middles, 5/8" tongs and a 2"x10" cylinder.

Weight 640-860 lbs. 
Available 60", 66", 72", 74" 80", 84".  Includes black paint.  Green paint additional charge.

John Deere Root Grapple.jpg

 72 inch Brush/Root Grapple

Rakes away debris. Round bottom bar provides the necessary tool for backfill.  Wide tines makes loading logs, brush, rocks, demolition debris, and other materials simple. Ideal for separating dirt from rock, lumber, or building materials. 2" x 8" hydraulic cylinders operate independently to adjust for uneven loads. Tines curve upward in order to slide across the ground without damaging topsoil.

1/2" all steel construction
10 inch tine spacing
Call or email for pricing

1388511215 (2).jpg

Solid Bottom Grapple Buckets

Made from 1/4 inch high grade steel, 
Hardened weld-on carbide embedded cutting edge.
Dual claw design includes 2 1/2 x 8 hydraulic cylinders, and 3/8np lines to T blocks.
Low slung sides allow for picking up of logs and long debris.
(lines from T block to your machine, and connectors not included)   

Available in sizes:


​Heavy Duty AR400 available

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